Thursday, 25 April 2013

Chapter 1 - Rhydian

This is the first chapter and I hope you like it! The second chapter will be out soon!
Hide - Rhydian
(Rhydian's Dream)
Skulduggery Pleasant. The Lost Art Of World Domination.
Playing With Fire. Gold, Babies And The Brothers Muldoon. Myosotis Terra.
The Faceless Ones. The Slightly Ignominious End To The Legend Of Black Annis.
Dark Days.
Mortal Coil. The Wonderful Adventures of Geoffrey Scrutinous.
Death Bringer. Trick Or Treat. The End Of The World. What Might Have Been.
Kingdom Of The Wicked. The Button. The Maleficent Seven.
Last Stand Of Dead Men...
Rhydian Saint, opened his eyes. He'd taken that name so no one could influence him. His Given Name was Lewis Oswin. (Oswin Isn't My Surname) The first Skulduggery Pleasant book he'd read was called, The End Of The World. (True Fact) And then Rhydian read the rest of the series. It was real. Magic was real...He knew it. In most films about magic they have wands. It made no sense. In the movies they waved a stick about and said a made up word and magic will do the rest. Magic isn't a sentient thing.
In Skulduggery Pleasant when you click your fingers a flame is summoned. When you click your fingers friction is made. And friction can create fire. So it's logical. And when you're hot you use your hand as a fan you push the air towards your face. In Skulduggery Pleasant, Sorcerer's have a better manipulation of air. So the stuff in the books must be real. It's logical and so realistic. And Rhydian was determined to be involved in the world of magic...Whatever it takes.
Rhydian got out of bed and then he remembered...It was a School day. His last School blew up. Well the Science room anyway. Thirteen and starting a new School. Monday he had a half day and on Tuesday he had a family emergency. A relative had fainted. Wednesday he was sick and Thursday he had a whole day in. It was Friday. One more day to the weekend. It was a little bit strange...Not many thirteen-year-olds went to a new School.
Rhydian, walked through the corridor to his classroom. He didn't like School that much. The way the other teens thought they were better than each other. And the Teachers acting liked they owned you. Like they were untouchable. And some Teachers couldn't handle the kids. It was ridiculous. And Rhydian liked his own company. So when somebody tried to talk to him it lead to a very awkward conversation. Rhydian wasn't good with anything social. He was what they called anti-social. He didn't care. As he walked to his next lesson, he passed a number of pupils. And lest them to their snide comments and cruel whispers.
Every teacher who had taught him said he needed to get along with other people better. And they also said that he was polite and wasn't like the others. They said he didn't judge people like them. Rhydian didn't judge people by colour of skin or what clothes they wore or their religion. If any of them knew he had taken a name they'd think he was mad. nobody he met liked the same things as him. That's why he didn't bother to talk to them. What was the point?
The reason he took the name Saint, is because Saint's are much admired and are remembered. Even by Sinners. Your enemies admire your determination to stop them and they'll never forget that. Rhydian liked that. Admiration. He also liked the idea that he'd be remembered. The name Rhydian meant, dweller by the river crossing. A dweller is someone who thinks and talks and writes. He presumed it meant to do those things carefully. Which he did. And a river is part of the elements. That's why he took the name, Rhydian Saint. And he had no regrets about that name.
Somebody screamed ahead of him. She seemed to be running from something. And everyone else in the corridor turned and ran past Rhydian. What was going on? There was a bald man with a scar on his right cheek. Then there was a girl who looked about thirteen or fourteen. She wore a, black top, black pants, black boots, red jacket which ended at her waist. Her hair was a golden colour, and her eyes were a blue/green colour. Rhydian saw the fire alarm next to him. He smashed his elbow into it, and the fire alarm went of.
"EVERYONE GET OUT OF HERE! NOW!" The girl shouted.
"DO WHAT SHE SAYS!" Rhydian shouted, trying to help. The corridor was now empty.
She threw darkness in his face, and energy burst out of his hand and threw her against the wall, and then she kicked him in the stomach. The man doubled over in pain. Strong kick or something? There was another scream. Rhydian followed it and saw a little girl in a classroom. She must be in Year 7. Rhydian ran in grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the classroom.
"What's your name?" He asked
"Kinsey Lee" the girl replied "He wants me. He's going to kill me" She sobbed.
"He doesn't want you. If anything he doesn't know who you are. Run and find somewhere safe to hide. OK? I'll catch up" Rhydian told her. Kinsey nodded and ran off. Why would he want her?
The man pinned the girl to the wall. She head butted him. She ran towards Rhydian and grabbed his wrist and dragged him away from the bald man. They ran past a corner, and sprinted down the corridor and she let go of his wrist. Confident that he wasn't going to turn back and attempt to fight the man right behind them. They both ran upstairs and into a classroom, and the girl locked the door.
"What's your name? I'm Miss Cain. You can call me Missy, if you like" The girl called Miss Cain said
"Given Name; Lewis Oswin. Taken Name; Rhydian Saint. You a Necromancer? And who was he?" Rhydian said catching his breath.
"Yep, I'm a Necromancer. And his name's Cutler. Who was the girl?" Missy asked
"Don't know...She said he wanted her. Why would she think that?" He asked
"We need to find her! Now!" said Missy.
They unlocked the door and they both ran. Down the stairs and they ran down the corridor as fast as they could. Cutler was there. He smiled and the world became distant. Rhydian's vision blurred, and he fell. The last thing he saw was a pale man who seemed very graceful behind Cutler dragging Kinsey away...Poor Kinsey.

Rhydian woke up in the School library. Missy was there.
"You all right?" She asked.
"Yeah. Where's Kinsey? Was that a Vampire?" Rhydian asked
"Don't know, and yes that was a vampire. Well spotted...Rhydian Saint's, a cool name" Missy said.
"Thanks. What now?"
"We've been recruited. I received a letter from a Sensitive this morning and he said he saw us two running in his vision. And we were running a few minutes ago. I think that's what he saw. So he decided to recruit us" She said. And then she gave him a letter. Rhydian read it.
"This says we both need to go into Town. Won't the School tell my parents' that I've gone missing?" said Rhydian.
"The English Sanctuary are taking care of that. And no I don't work for them. The letter told me to come here and I did. And that creep started to attack people. So I fought back."
"Let's go to Town then." Rhydian said with a smile. Finally...His life had changed. And there was no turning back...


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