Friday, 3 May 2013

Chapter 2 - The House

Rhydian Saint, walked through the woods. He was camping with some of his relatives. He was bored. They wanted to do stuff together. Are they mad? Rhydian prefered his own company. Rhydian told his dad that he was going to the toilet. Now he had at least two minutes to himself. He brought his torch with him. It was cold and dark. Rhydian was tall and slim and dark haired. He had pale blue eyes and his skin was fairly pale. He saw movement. He looked closer. Was it an animal? Someone having a joke?
"Hello?" Rhydian said. He didn't know what else to say. he looked closer. It was a creature of some sort. "What are you?" He asked. He looked even closer. He regretted walking alone now. Because this thing was the perfect killing machine...This thing was a vampire. Rhydian turned and run as fast as he could. He ran past hundreds of trees and he didn't recognise anything. He was lost...
The vampire was right behind him and Rhydian didn't know what to do. So he kept running, as fast as he could. Rhydian didn't know he could run this fast. He tripped and stumbled and then rolled down a small hill. Rhydian hit his leg on a stone and his leg started to bleed. Rhydian was at the bottom of the small hill and couldn't move. He cried for help but there was no one around. No one heard him. No one was going to hear him. Rhydian was going to die...The vampire came at him at an incredible speed. It lunged for him and then-
Later that night an Elemental called, Dragona Pine, went for a walk in the woods. And then he saw it. The body. Covered in dry blood. The eyes were still open. Lifeless. Lifeless and empty and looking up at the sky...This was a work of a vampire. The side of the teenage boys face was cut open and the blood dried on his face and on the leaves were he lay. Dragona didn't like vampires. And this was another reason to hate them...
Four months later Dragona visited the grave. The headstone read;

Lewis Oswin
"Remember Me"

Trip Castalan, let go of Miss Elderflower's hand.
"What did you just show me?" He asked. Trip had heard that Elderflower wanted to meet him.
"Two possible futures. The first one was where he lived and his life changed. The second he died, bored with his life." Elderflower said sounding like she didn't care. That's what magic can do to you...It corrupts. Elderflower was a middle-aged woman with green eyes and her hair was starting to go grey. She was a small woman and wore a black Victorian party dress.
"So why did you want to show me that?" Trip asked.
"Every Sensitive in the world senses that I've discovered something. And I've had those visions of Saint. He must be important. I want you to find him." She said
"Why? Who do you think he is?" Trip asked. So many questions.
"He is, The Question Without An Answer. The Boy Who Makes No Sense" said Miss Elderflower.
"You had a vision of him, so what?"
"His fate will effect the whole world in some way. I don't know what will happen but I can sense it. Will you find him? Will you find Rhydian Saint?"
Trip made his decision. "Yes. And who were the other two? Miss Cain and Dragona Pine. Are they important?" Trip asked.
"They'll probably meet each other in the near future. But Rhydian's at the centre of these visions. The other two will bump into you probably, so you don't have to worry about them" She said. Trip left the old woman in her house and wondered where to begin.

Rhydian walked through the front door of his family's new house. It was huge. He was going to start at a new School soon. It was a new area as well. He rarely came to this part of Manchester. It was like a new life. The floor was wood and the door was wood and stain glass. The walls were a cream white. As they walked through the door they were in a hallway. To their left was a dining room and further up the hall still on the left was a living room. At the other end of the hall to their right was a small out cove that led to the kitchen that connected to a downstairs toilet. And there was a cellar opposite the kitchen door.
They walked up stairs to a huge landing. There was a small room directly to their right and to their left was a bathroom and another toilet and another bedroom. And then to the right was a huge room. And directly in front of them was a door that led to the third floor. They opened the door and walked up the narrow stairs. The stairs creaked as they walked up them. Once at the top of the stairs there was a window in front of them showing the neighbours balcony.
The turned around and there was three more rooms. A bathroom with a toilet to their left and to the right there was another bedroom. And directly in front of them was a huge room what Rhydian planned to be his new bedroom. The house was perfect. Rhydian smiled. His parents and sister could sleep on the second level, and Rhydian could escape everyone else and stay up here.


  1. EEEEEP! Trip's bunking from his job for no reason! Don't worry he does that all the time, keeps the mind free of clutter. Aaaah, this looks like t's going to get fun. *Gets popcorn*

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  4. Actually, this would kind of be Trip's job. It concerns something important in the future and a possible threat, so it's basically his job!

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