Monday, 10 June 2013

Chapter 3 - Town

*This is from Miss Cain’s pov (point of view), Ok? Cool, let’s begin*

I wander through the town, glancing at the shops every now and then. Rhydian manages to keep up with my long strides. I know instantly that he’ll be fun to work with, especially if he can keep up with me.
I make a sharp turn into a bookstore. I stroll through the shelves, browsing the titles.
“Why are we at a bookstore?” Rhydian asks curiously.
“Because I need more books,” I reply.
I turn and face him, a serious look on my face. He frowns.
“Shouldn’t we be going to the English Sanctuary or something?”
I shrug.
“I need some stuff first.”
The girl from the counter walks up, and taps me on the shoulder. I smile at Rhydian.
“Come on.” I say to him.
I follow the girl through to the back room of the store, Rhydian not far behind, where she points at a door hidden in the wall.
“There.” She then leaves us.
I navigate my way through the piles of books and boxes to the door. I place my thumb against the door. I grab Rhydian’s wrist as door sucks us both in.
And then we’re falling.
I whoop with joy, and flip in mid-air as I let go of Rhydian’s wrist. He is utterly terrified, the poor guy. Maybe I should have told him first…
I flip once more, then the hole we’re falling down narrows.
“Get ready!” I shout to Rhydian.
“For what?!” He shouts back.
I grin.
The hole then turns to an enclosed slide. I slide down, laughing. Rhydian gives a nervous laugh of his own. The slide finishes off and I land in a crouch. Rhydian stumbles a little bit, but manages to stay on his feet.
“Impressive,” I mutter.
A young man is standing in front of us, arms crossed. He doesn’t look happy.
“Miss Cain, how many times have I told you to use the elevator!” He says angrily.
I shoot him a smile. He sighs.
“And strangers. What have I told you about strangers?” He points at Rhydian.
“He’s not a stranger,” I reply. “He’s a guy who’s been recruited with me by this random Sensitive who is got talent like a-.”
“Language!” The man interrupts.
“So you want me to swear more? Cool with me. And I wasn’t going to say anything rude, I was going to complement the random Sensitive guy.”
“Shut up, Miss. Don’t be so damn cheeky.”
The man walks out of the room, and I follow, after motioning to Rhydian to follow.
“Language,” I mutter quietly, but loud enough to reach the man’s ears.
I laugh.
Rhydian taps me on the shoulder.
“Who’s he?”
“Trent. He gives me cool stuff.”
We walk into a larger room, the wall’s covered with all types of weaponry. Bows, guns, spears, swords and many more glint in the light.
“Whoa…” Breathes Rhydian.
“It’s like that,” says Trent. He’s hunched over his desk in the corner of the room, working on something.
I lean over his shoulder.
“Whatcyha doin’?” I ask.
He turns to face me and I quickly move back.
“Advancing some of your weapons.”
He hands me my crossbow. I grin. The dark metal has been polished to a gleam, and the arrows Trent hands me next are shiny as.
He throws me my daggers, cleaned and ready, and I place them in the inside pockets of my jacket.
“OK, are you dealing with vampires?”
I nod.
Trent walks over to the firearms section of the wall, and smiles.
“Go ahead. Pick one.”
I grin so wide I might nearly swallow my own head. My eyes gleam as I pick a simple black hand gun off the wall.
“You know how to use it?” Asks Trent.
I nod. I’ve practised with firearms before.
“Oi, stranger,” Trent begins.
“His name’s Rhydian,” I point out.
“Rhydian, whatever. Pick out some weapons. Ones that you can use, preferably.”
Rhydian looks at me.
“What do I pick?”
I shrug.
“Beats me.” I say simply.
I look at a scythe on the far wall. I walk over to it and place a hand on it.
“You want to use a scythe, Miss?” Trent seems surprised.
“Yeah. Can I?”
“The stick bit becomes smaller and the blade retracts into it, so you can put it in your jacket.” Trent explains.
“Thankies!!!!” I exclaim.
I pull the scythe off the wall, and something in another room crashes.
“Ugh,” Trent walks off. “Damn boxes and stuff falling…”
I admire the scythe for a few minutes.
“Trent!” I call out.
He doesn’t answer.
I frown, and place the scythe on a table.
“Rhy, go to the elevator.”
“Why, Miss?”
I pause, thinking what to say next.
“Please, just in case.”
“Of what?”
I already walk off to the other room. Rhydian follows me.
“Of what?” He repeats.
I sigh.
“Don’t worry, it’s nothing.”
I open to the door, expecting for something to jump out at me…
But no, nothing emerges. Not even Trent.
Then I spot the large figure at the back of the room. And it is coming closer.
“Rhydian!” I yell.
Cutler emerges, his huge hands reaching out for Rhydian and I. I push Rhydian towards the elevator, and I grab the scythe from where I left it on the table. I blade is long and wicked. I swing it at Cutler’s head. Cutler grabs the handle just below the blade. My eyes widen.
I let go of the scythe and pull out my daggers as I roll back from Cutler. I throw all three, which he avoids easily.
I curse, and turn around to run for a sword on the wall, but Cutler grabs me from behind. He begins to apply a choke. Not one to kill, but to subdue. I struggle against him, kicking him in the legs and throwing my fists on his big arms, but nothing works.
“Rhydian… RUN!” I squeeze out.
Then the unconsciousness kicks in, and I fall to the floor.
Run… Rhydian, run…